BLET Fifth National Convention concludes

BLET Fifth National Convention
Dennis Pierce
“Increased participation starts with all of the people in this room. When I look, I see some incredible labor leaders, from the men seated behind me to all of you. As we move forward, I am asking you to stay involved in your Union. Be proud that you belong to the oldest labor Union in America, and be part of an effort to restore true Brotherhood to our proud Organization.” – National Preident Dennis Pierce
Marty Walsh
“The entire economy depends on the work you do. Clean water, food, power to heat and cool our homes. This nation owes you a debt of gratitude.” – U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh
Sean O'Brien
“Our common enemy is not in this room — it’s the rail carriers. They want to degrade your working conditions. They want to divide us. We have to identify and fight the true enemy.” – International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien
Nancy Pelosi
“For our nation’s mighty railroaders: unwavering solidarity is how you stand strong against anti-union forces – and protect your livelihoods. Indeed, we saw your power in action in securing the historic Tentative Agreement last month. And that unified spirit will be crucial as we confront the challenges that lie ahead.” – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi