United, Moving Forward

It takes a strong team effort to meet the challenges of tomorrow and the BLET National Convention is your opportunity as a delegate to help chart the course for the future. It is your time to meet and interact with the National Division (ND) officers who represent you. The convention is also one of the primary places where the ND gets its direction for the next four years.

Who may attend?

All delegates to the ND elected by their divisions, or appointed by the division president to fill a vacancy in the office of delegate, are expected to attend. Other members also may attend, but delegates have priority on available lodging space.

Delegate Welcome Video

When the Day is Done

Although the convention is 90% hard work, delegates, their families, visitors and guests will be able to relax at the BLET Dinner/Dance on Wednesday, October 3. Tickets can be purchased here and will be on sale when you register as a delegate. Tickets are priced at $30.00 per person.